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Kindergarten Classroom

The Solution for Parents with Kids at Home

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  • 24 Weeks of Toddler Thematic Lesson Plans  (Value $129)

  • 24 Weeks of Preschool Thematic Lesson Plans (Value $129)

  • A-Z Curriculum + Sight Word List + Rhyme Incorporation Techniques (Value $89)

  • 46 Holiday craft and learning activities (Value $36)

  • The Ultimate Supply Checklist broken down into categories (Value $10)

  • Thematic Book List (Value $12)

  • Tricks of the Trade : tips and tricks to becoming a successful parent-teacher ($47)

Total Value = $452

Your Price = $119 (save $333)

This 6 month curriculum is up to 40 TIMES LESS than what an average preschool would cost 1 month.

Our Components

What to expect each week.

Toddler Playing Drums

Gross Motor & Music



Let your child be a successful reader, writer, and speaker through our hands on lessons! Every day your child will engage in fun learning games to promote early literacy! Letter recognition, phonics, sight words, and handwriting are just a few among the many skills learnt through our activities. Our curriculum also nurtures your child to comprehend verbal cues and to be confident communicators.


Sensory & Art



This component targets cognitive development. It equips  our children with vital life skills such as problem solving, in and out-of-the-box thinking, spatial awareness, and critical thinking! In this portion of our curriculum we incorporate counting, sorting, matching, and other important learning objectives in a way that is fun and engaging!

Technology Class


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math!
Each week we include a STEM component in your child's learning to support early math skills. Through our fun and easy activities your child can explore the world through science and enable the next generation of innovators!

Little Boy Playing Doctor

Dramatic Play

Harness Social-Emotional skills with dramatic play! Dramatic play gives our children opportunities to explore their thoughts and feelings. It also gives them a creative and emotional outlet as they act out positive or negative things they have seen in real life scenarios.

Kids Making Breakfast

Sensory play is ideal for building nerve connections in the brain, fine and gross motor skills, and promote critical thinking! We make room for free expression through process art. While many aspects of your child's life might be structured, this is an opportunity to explore art in an open-ended and unstructured way.

Each day your child will engage in a gross motor or music activity! We understand that not every home has easy access to a playground. Therefore, we have developed fun and new ways of engaging those gross skills with a dose of creativity and everyday items. In addition, we direct you to links on yoga and movement activities created by other experts in the industry!

Character Counts

My Early HomeSchool values instilling positive character traits during these tender early years because we believe that good character takes you further in life! Each week begins with a value for you to incorporate and focus on throughout the week. Some of these include Love, Kindness, Patience, Honesty, and Responsibility.

Self-Help Skills

Rinsing dishes, pouring milk into a glass, brushing teeth, and putting socks on are just a few of the important life skills your child should be learning. Over the course of our curriculum, your child will have many opportunities to engage in these skills to set them up for success in life!

Story Time

We believe that home should be a child's safe haven! A home environment with strong connections has a positive impact on child development. Therefore we include a section for family connections each week; It is a fun family idea that you can use as a guide to intentionally carve out time from your busy lives to nurture relationships as a family.

Family Connections

Has COVID 19 thrown you a curveball in childcare dynamics?

Are you and your child going stir-crazy from being at home?

Are you interested in a gentle, play-based approach to teaching your little one?

Are you tired of scattered activities and need something more structured to meet age-appropriate learning objectives?

Would you like fun, easy prep, and engaging activities for your child to do each day?

Are you concerned about getting your child Kindergarten-ready?

Look No Further

Let My Early HomeSchool be your guide to providing your child an all-rounded learning experience each day!

With us, you can expect : 

Kindergarten readiness curriulum
Hands-on and engaging learning through play
Positive learning experiences
Inspiring creativity and new ways of viewing every day items
Nurturing connections at home
Setting your child up for success in school and life!




You have enough on your plate and can do without all that! These lessons use the items that you would already have ON-HAND. The occasional items you might not already have can be easily picked up at the craft store, dollar store, or Amazon. 


Forget spending hours pouring through Pinterest ideas, filtering out quality activities while being unsure of whether they are meeting appropriate learning objectives. It can be so frustrating to end up with a bunch of scattered ideas hours later. 



With us, you will get a comprehensive guide on how to execute your lessons and know exactly which learning areas are being fulfilled! This curriculum incorporates fun activities while ensuring that critical learning objectives are met every day!

Things you can do without:

  • Expensive learning toys


Give your child quality learning right at home with items out of your kitchen or supply closet! With new creative ways to use everyday items, your child is sure to have a blast learning while nurturing their bond with you!

Untitled design.png


  • Pricey preschools 


Research proves that children retain information better when it is




Here at My Early HomeSchool, we recognize that children are designed to play and we value that. They have the rest of their "big kid school" lives to sit down and do worksheet after worksheet. 

Here's the thing, worksheets are not developmentally appropriate for this age group.  Because they are abstract, it cannot effectively teach children of such a young age. INSTEAD, our curriculum adopts the use of manipulatives that allows them to reach the higher levels of thinking as they engage the brain in different ways than a sheet of paper would. 

​Involves discussion


Untitled design (4).png

This curriculum is carefully crafted by qualified Early Childhood Development professionals with certifications and a vast amount of experience in the field. Each lesson is created for optimized learning and considers every type of little learner.


No shipping time and preschool waitlists!

Once you have made your purchase, all you need to do is download your link to the PDF files. You can even pull them up on your phone for easy access. It is SO MUCH MORE convenient to carry your phone around while gathering your materials than a whole lesson binder. 

Do you have a toddler AND a preschooler at home? No problem!
The thematic units run concurrently with one another, but are differentiated to target age-appropriate skills. No stress over preparing two different lesson plans and material lists. (Occasionally you might need a slightly different item for a lesson, but it would be something you would already have on-hand)
Both of your children can learn together!

Untitled design (5).png



Anyone can do it! Parents, grandparents, babysitters, nannies. 
You do not have to be a teacher or have an education background to be great at homeschooling your child! 
We give you all the tools you need - material lists, tips on execution, and a breakdown on how to do the activity. All you need to do is have fun with it.

Untitled design (6).png


Being a full-time parent and teacher can really test you at times, especially when you do not get the break away from home that most other jobs come with. 
We offer a brilliant resource called "Tricks of the Trade" that provides you the tools to create a conducive home learning environment.
This resource also shares with you Positive Guidance Discipline techniques and practical applications at home to maintain the healthy bond you and your little one have.


  • 24 Weeks of Toddler Thematic Lesson Plans 

  • 24 Weeks of Preschool Thematic Lesson Plans 

  • A-Z Curriculum + Sight Word List + Rhyme Incorporation Techniques 

  • 46 Holiday craft and learning activities 

  • Preschool Sight Word List

  • Word Families, Blends, and Digraphs chart

  • Learning Assessment Form

  • The Ultimate Supply Checklist broken down into categories 

  • Thematic Book List 

  • Tricks of the Trade : tips and tricks to becoming a successful parent-teacher

Kid Playing with Bubble

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