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Our Mission

  • To empower and equip parents to take charge of their children's critical years

  • To shift the way we parent in a digitized age by increasing hands-on experiences and letting screen time be supplemental

  • To apply the DEPTH principles daily

D evelop

E ducate

P lay

T each   with

H eart


My Story

How it all started


Family is everything to me - To be the best parent I can be. To have a thriving marriage. To have a healthy home environment for my growing kids - and I am sure you feel the same way too, if not you would not have landed on my page.

When COVID-19 hit, like many other parents out there, my whole way of life was thrown out of whack. I withdrew my one year old son from school, I became a full time mom, and we now relied on a single income. 

It was financially AND mentally tough!

As weeks turned into months, I began noticing that awful habit of sticking my child in front of a screen to help me "babysit" because we were both sick of playing with the same toys and I needed some sanity!


This is me - A degree in Early Childhood Development + National Administrator's Credential, Director certified in several states + 11 years experience + mom life. I had all the tools under my belt! I have seen many types of curriculum being implemented to understand what was most effective; I have dedicated my entire academic life researching early childhood development; and ​being a mother has given me a personal insight to behind the scenes. So if I could spend all those years doing curriculum with other people's children, why not my own?

I noticed his natural inclination to learn and his curiosity for the world around him. I knew I only had one shot at this before he was a year older and this precious time had passed me by. 

Now, being suddenly downsized to a single income household did not afford me the luxury to purchase a huge variety of new toys. But I did not want his environment to become stale either. So I made a quick trip to the dollar store and that was the beginning of it all...

Each week, I expanded my activities, Over time, they developed into something more structured in terms of engaging every sense and working within every learning domain. I pulled from the best of early childhood philosophers. I applied everything I had learnt from school and work. I figured out what worked best and what didn't. I absolutely LOVED seeing his face light up when I brought out new activities! Very shortly after, I saw great leaps in his letters and numbers. 

When I shared some ideas with other stay-at-home friends, the common response was, "Wow, why didn't I think of that!". 

That's when I realized that there are so many parents out there, like you and me, in survival mode. These lessons have given me a sense of fulfillment knowing that I've done more than just 'parent' my child for the day; I've filled in the gap where "life happened" and am rest assured that he won't miss a beat once it is time for Kindergarten. No one can be a better teacher than YOU because no one else could love your child more than YOU. 

The bond between my son and I has been nurtured better than ever. And because I get to witness firsthand how he is growing and share that with my husband, he is growing in step with our son too.

COVID-19 was a blessing in disguise. It has been extremely challenging, but from the trials birthed this amazing movement to empower and equip other parents out there who feel overwhelmed, stressed, guilty, and just way in over their heads. 

Whether you are a full time parent by choice or due to unforeseen circumstances, lets not just do this. Let's make it count!

Cute Feet

Our Roots

My Early HomeSchool essentially integrates quality learning into play. Children are designed to play and discover the world around them, so why not harness that? This program was designed to make preschool easily attainable for every parent from the comfort of their own home. 

Our lessons engage a variety of learners and all senses by incorporating Gardners multiple intelligences theory​; This program includes the following components: 

  1. Logical/Mathematical

  2. Linguistic

  3. Musical

  4. Spatial

  5. Bodily/Kinesthetic

  6. Naturalist

  7. Interpersonal

  8. Intrapersonal

You can expect our activities to be 

  • play-based

  • hands on

  • engaging

Every day your child will meet learning objectives in the major domains - language, cognitive, physical, and social emotional. 

We offer MORE than just an education of ABCs and 123s; 

Our program incorporates character building, discovering a sense of responsibility and self-help skills, and nurturing relationships at home. We recognize that intellect will only get you so far in life; but intellect AND character and a strong sense of self will take you further. Let's set our children up for success!


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