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Do I need to have a background in teaching?

No. We have carefully crafted this curriculum by taking into account that not every parent may come from the Early Childhood field of education. 

We do our best to equip you by breaking down the activities, letting you prep materials your way, and providing useful resources to guide you along the parent-teacher journey.

Also feel free to reach out to us via email or chat!

Can a caregiver other than myself do these lessons with my child?

Sure thing! Every lesson plan comes with a breakdown of activities, which makes it easy for anyone to do! 
There is also a full list of materials at the beginning of each thematic unit to help you get prepared.

How long does lesson preparation take?

It should take about 15-20 minutes each day to prepare for the next day. Once your supply closet is established, it might even take less. Many of the items are reused in different ways depending on the theme.
If you are a plan-ahead person, I'd suggest preparing all of next week's materials and place them in separate trays by day so you don't have to worry about it throughout the week.

My child is 3. Should I use the toddler or preschool curriculum?

If this is your child's first time doing school, start with the toddler curriculum for a smooth transition into the preschool curriculum! :)

What if my child is not cooperating?

Try rephrasing. Wording and how we get our message across to our little ones are a huge deal. If the term 'school' is not working well, Ive found that "learning games" or even just "games" sets a different tone. Remember, your child will feed off your energy and excitement. 

If structure and guided activities are new to your child, it may take some time. And that's okay! :) Remain calm. Let them deviate a little to explore their own creativity and gently redirect them to the learning objective. 

How long should I spend on each activity?

10-15 minutes is a comfortable duration for each activity. Each child is slightly different in attention span. That can be built with time and age differences.

What if I am unable to get certain items for the week?

No worries. Use any other item you have on your hand as long as it meets the learning objective of the activity.

What letters should I introduce first?

I would start with the letters of your child's name. Then progress to the order of the alphabet introducing 1-2 new letters at a time. 
The Toddler curriculum presents more of a wholistic approach to the alphabet and when they move to Preschool curriculum, it begins narrowing down on each letter. Id strongly recommend "My Alphabet Curriculum" to supplement their home learning.

Would I need a printer and laminator?

Short answer is no. I find it more convenient to grab a marker and draw a shape or write a letter by hand. It gets the job done. But if you really wanted to have everything printed out, you could. It might just take lesson prepping longer.

My child is 18 months old. Can she start the toddler curriculum?

Absolutely! As long as your are willing to be hands-on and provide guidance, your child can benefit from this curriculum.

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