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Toddler Lesson Plans

Toddler Lesson Plans

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Get 24 weekly thematic units to engage your toddler and prepare your child for the transition to preschool! 

Gain access to hundreds of learning activities over the course of 6 months! This includes a comprehensive learning plan as your child engages in the core developmental areas each day. These include Literacy, Math, Sensory/Art, Gross Motor/Movement, Family connections, STEM, Dramatic Play, and a Moral component. 


This curriculum comes with a material list at a glance each week, as well as activity breakdowns. Our goal is to make your preparation as easy as possible so that you can focus your energy towards nurturing your child's development.  


This play-based curriculum is designed to create positive early learning experiences for your child that would set the precedent for later learning. 


Our lesson plans are categorized into learning domains every day so you know exactly what area your child is working on. Our activities engage the brain in fun and creative ways while your child exercises all senses of learning each week.


The skills you can expect your child to work on in our curriculum framework include:


  • Letter recognition

  • Phonics

  • Name recognition and writing

  • Vocabulary building 

  • Sight Words

  • Word Families, Blends, Digraphs

  • Positional words

  • Adjectives

  • Handwriting

  • Story sequencing

  • Following directional cues



  • Color recognition

  • Shape recognition (2D,3D)

  • Number recognition

  • Counting (one-to-one, skip counting)

  • Sorting 

  • Patterns

  • More vs Less

  • Graphing 

  • Comparing quantities

  • Simple addition and subtraction

  • Simple measurement

In addition to that, your child will engage in STEM, self-help skills, cooking, dramatic play, and character values throughout the week.


If you are homeschooling more than one child, you will notice that literacy and math lesson plans are adapted to their respective age groups.


A wonderful aspect of My Early HomeSchool curriculum is that it gives parents much flexibility in executing lessons. You have complete control over what letters, sight words, and numbers your child will be working on for the day; your child can learn at his/her own pace and progress to the next level when ready. This takes a WHOLE LOT of pressure off your kiddos; while at a traditional preschool frustration or boredom might set in, (depending on where they stand with the classroom's pace of learning), your child is free to learn with you scaffolding along the way.

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